There are a lot of questions and concerns regarding industry 4.0 and collaborative robots. We have all the questions to your answers so you get ready for industry 4.0

Robotic solutions are too expensive/out of my budget

We deal predominantly in collaborative robotics which generally are much cheaper than industrial machinery which you may have seen before. As well as purchasing our solutions, we also offer rental alternatives if your requirement is short-term or seasonal, which allow the same core benefits in productivity rate and labour redistribution.

I’m worried that I won’t obtain a return on my investment

Return on Investment will of course vary, depending on the solution provided and the production line it is implemented on. However, our solutions typically allow a pre-cost saving of 20% providing they are used correctly. Use our ROI calculator to get an approximation on what you could save.

Are collaborative robots safe to use alongside humans?

Collaborative robots are by their very creation, designed to work safely alongside the human workforce; in correspondence with the International standard of collaborative robotic safety. As part of our service, we will also train your designated operatives in safe usage of the solution.

Won’t my staff need to be trained in robotics or engineering to operate the robots?

A minimal amount of training will be required for shift managers and/or line leaders to allow them to perform basic required tasks. The interface is very user-friendly and simple to learn. We provide this training as part of our service as well as further call-out days if necessary.

How do I know it will fit into my operation?

We are a team of experienced production managers an engineers who look at each case individually in order to design, procure and implement the best available solution for your line. We’re robot agnostic and are solely focused on gaining maximum benefit from the solution.

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