Accelerating your transformation into Industry 4.0

Customised, 3D-printed end-of-arm tools for your industry robots. We evaluate the most suitable and cost-efficient robot system for you. Are you ready to increase your efficiency by 20%?

Watch our video and find out how collaborative robots save you 20%

Our solutions are highly flexible and can be adapted to various use cases to accelerate your production line. 


Upskill your team with collaborative robots

Collaborative robots can now work safely alongside humans to perform simple, repetitive tasks.

Unlike industrial robots, they can perform multiple tasks, handle smaller weights, and are easy to program.

  • User friendly – Easy to program by novice

  • Programmed to perform multiple tasks

  • Suitable for handling smaller weights (under 20kg)

  • Approachable when in operation – no caging required

  • Safety sensors will detect unexpected objects and pause

  • Low maintenance


Current challenges and concerns

Acquisition barriers

  • Industry 4.0 robots are expensive and inflexible

  • Difficult Decision-making progress

  • Depending on capital constraints


Labour challenges 

  • High costs for simple, repetitive tasks

  • Dependent on availability


Implementation concerns

  • Multiple suppliers needed for implementation

  • Programming of industry robots is complex

  • Robots working alongside humans are considered unsafe

With our solution

Guidance into Industry 4.0

  • We evaluate the most suitable and cost-efficient robot system

  • We design and produce customised, 3D-printed end-of-arm tools

  • We guide you along every implementation step


Collaborative robots

  • work safely alongside humans

  • perform multiple tasks

  • handle smaller weights than industry robots

  • are ideal for simple, repetitive tasks

  • are easy to program

Major cost savings

  • We aim to optimize your production line’s efficiency by 20%, based on our previous experience

Evaluate &


We help you make the right decision by evaluating the most suitable and cost-efficient robot system.

Design & 


In a rapid process, we design and 3D-print the end-of-arm tool, fully customised to your specific needs.

Implement Solution

By implementing the solution, we ensure that your production line is running smoothly.



Our IoT-based solutions monitor and track performance data. These valuable insights drive continuous improvement.


DM Solution is your one-stop shop. We increase the efficiency of your production line by 20%.

Your All-in-One Partner

From design to implementation. No more multiple suppliers needed.


Your benefits

From design to implementation. No more multiple suppliers needed.


Contact us and improve
your efficiency by 20%

Get ready for industry 4.0. We evaluate and design the best solution for current and future needs. Our aim is to optimize your production line by 20% – at a reduced risk with our “pay-as-you-produce” approach.

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